Peter Thomas calls Phaedra a “liar” who “disappeared” w/ the kids before Apollo went to jail


Real Housewives Of Atlanta‘s most bald and beautiful baddie, Peter Thomas, evidently has no problem coming for Phaedra Parks’ scalp amidst spillage she orchestrated the drug/rape allegations made against co-star, Kandi Burruss, throughout RHOA season 9.



Today, Cynthia Bailey’s 56-year-old ex-husband contributed his well-groomed granddaddy swag to Power 105.1 FM’s The Breakfast Club Morning Show where he unabashedly trolled the 43-year-old estranged wifey of his incarcerated homie, Apollo Nida, for being a “vindictive” liar who kept the now-jailed money-launderer away from their two kids in the days leading up to his imprisonment.

“I never liked her,” Peter said when asked about Phaedra and the chaos she’s caused her cast mates and ex-hubby during her tenure as a residential peach-palmer on the Bravo based series. “I think part of this reality show is to show your reality, she never do hers.”

He continued, “If Apollo didn’t do all that he did, you know what I’m saying, I mean they have two beautiful kids together. I remember when he was going away–and I mean regardless of what differences you have, you have two boys and that’s their father–you know, the week before he went away, she disappeared, he didn’t know where she was. So this guy is getting ready to do six years… You can disappear, but leave his kids for him to see them, you know what I’m saying. She didn’t do that, she was vindictive about it.”


Taking his rant against Phae-Phae further, the SportsOne club owner said, “[Apollo’s] been locked up for two years now I think she only visited him once, that’s why he have somebody else. It’s going on three years, he’s only seen his kids once, that’s crazy to me.”


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When asked if he was alway aware of Phaedra lying ways, Peter immediately responded with, “Always. She’s is definitely somebody else off camera than she is on camera. You know, she’s the only one, in my opinion, that’s like that everyone else is being themselves.”

He added, “She’s always guarded because she’s this attorney–that we never really see win any cases– but she’s protecting that. And at the same time she’s pushing, who I call dumb-dumb (Porsha Williams) to do all her dirty work.”

While speaking to Phaedra’s historical promotion of fake news, the sliver fox then dropped, “When you project stuff like that, you gotta know that 50 percent of the audience is gonna believe you and 50 percent is not. And she just keeps on saying reckless sh** about everybody. I thought it was unethical the way she behaved.”


Elsewhere in his sit down with the NYC based morning show crew, Peter Thomas addressed his physical altercation with Kenya Moore’s ex-honey, Matt Jordan, touched on his developing spin-off reality show centered around his popular bar in North Carolina, and spilled on whether or not he’s being considered to accompany Kim Zolicak and NeNe Leakes in their upcoming return to ATL Housewives greatness for the series’ season 10…



By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_           

Twitter: @Cheekywiki              

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