Phaedra Parks blames producers for drug/rape story; Porsha “can’t talk” to her [VID]



Freshly fired Real Housewives Of Atlanta villain, Phaedra Parks, is learning the hard way that pointing her perfectly manicured fingers at others she claims are responsible for her involvement in spreading Kandi Burruss’ drug/rape allegations will get her nowhere but a spot in the back of the unemployment line.



Following Sunday’s shocking conclusion to the four-part RHOA reunion–during which the 43-year-old lying lawyer’s ex-best friend, Porsha Williams, outed her for being the one who told her of the 40-year-old “No Scrubs” songwriter’s alleged plot to chemically force her into a sexual situation (a plot Porsha claims Phae-Phae swore she heard directly from Kandi’s mouth), Phaedra has officially been terminated from the show…


Sources connected to the hit Bravo series tell PageSix the Georgia-bred Southern Belle author was snatched of her peach when she breached the “morality clause” in her contract.
“There are lines listed in all cast members’ contracts that they cannot cross,” an insider said. “Libel is one of them. She’s in breach of contract and the cast basically said, ‘Us or her.’ ”

In addition to line-stepping the limitations of her agreement with the network, “fake news” Phae was also served her walking papers for attempting to pass the buck off on one of the Real Housewives producers for allegedly providing her with the false information about Kandi.


Phaedra Parks fired
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“Phaedra tried to blame producers for manipulating the scenario, and it was cut from the reunion show. They’re not allowed to break the ‘fourth wall’ and talk about production. It may not have been entirely Phaedra’s fault, but she has to take the fall,” the chatty patty informant said.

A source with ties to the fallen reality TV honey added, “a producer who told her the drug and rape story, which she repeated to another cast member. It snowballed. The editing was not kind to her.”

A Bravo rep said, “Production is not involved.”
While chopping it up with Us Weekly directly after the final episode of the reunion series’ debut, show host Andy Cohen said, “I was just very surprised — not just by the revelation that Phaedra spread. I was surprised by her. She seemed kind of withdrawn about it.”
After admitting to have spoken to Phaedra a few times since her lies were uncovered, the TV staple made it clear that he didn’t “get the sense that she has [talked to the other Housewives].” And when asked if he thought there was any hope for Phaedra repairing her friendships, Andy said, “It seems a little precarious.”


As for Phaedra’s seemingly unbreakable “Frick & Frack” bond with Porsha, the 35-year-old Dish Nation personality recently revealed the sunken status of their relationship since the tapping of the reunion show…



Regardless of getting the boot from Bravo, being dragged through social media sewage, and losing one of her closest girlfriends due to her lies all in the same week, Phaedra was caught unbotheredly bussin’ it at a club with a few of her other famous homegirls on Sunday…



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