Phaedra Parks SPEAKS about CHEATING allegations


MUVA Phaedra PASSES on “Chocolate.”
DONKEY BOOTY Phaedra Parks is DENYING accusations that she was having an extramarital affair with an African man named Chocolate.
As featured on CHEEKYWIKI, the season 7 trailer of Real Housewives of Atlanta SERVES Phaedra’s #RHOA cast mate Kenya Moore and almost ex husband Apollo Nida “exposing” Phae for cheating on Apollo.


Via her representative, Steve Honig, Phae SET the RUMORS STRAIGHT.
“Phaedra has been a completely faithful wife. She doesn’t know any men named Chocolate. I did hear she had her eyes on a guy named Pistachio but it didn’t work out because he was nuts,” Steve SPILLED to Radar.
Phae is screaming FAITHFUL but she is NOT anybody’s fool, specifically NOT Apollo’s.


WORD is she DID NOT show up for Apollo’s sentencing and there’s rumor that she isn’t putting money on Apollo’s commissary.
Guess he’ll have to WERK for the other inmates.

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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