Prosecutors request DNA of Nicki Minaj’s brother in child rape case



Nicki Minaj’s big brother may soon be forced to fork over a DNA sample as prosecutors in his child molestation suit have found semen on his alleged victims clothes..



The case against Jelani Maraj, the 37-year-old bother of the world renown “Anaconda” rapper, is growing stronger as officials from the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office revealed they recovered ejaculate on his 12-year-old accuser’s pants and want a judge to make him take a DNA swab test to see if there’s a match.

According to legal documents obtained by Bossip, the Nassau County Medical Examiner’s Office analyzed the DNA from the semen and found that only one man in 291 billion could be a match.


“Thus, a genetic profile developed from a buccal swab specimen from the defendant, Jelani Maraj, will exclude or provide material evidence identifying the defendant, Jelani Maraj, as the source of the semen stain on the victim’s (clothing),” Assistant District Attorney Anthony Perri wrote in court papers last week. 

The D.A.’s office is also petitioning the courts to allow them to photograph and fingerprint ol’ boy in order to lock him down as the perpetrator of the sexual abuse…

As previously reported on Cheekywiki, MUVA Minaj’s brother  was charged with first degree rape and first degree sexual conduct with a minor back in December. 

Jelani’s complainant claims the sexual assault and sodomy occurred between April and November 2015. 

So far, Nicki has NOT made any public comments about Jelani potentially having to give up a DNA sample..

Prosecutors request DNA of Nicki Minaj's brother in child rape case


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