R. Kelly accused of bullying autistic fan; singer says he was only “joking” w/ the guy

Charges against R. Kelly seem to be attracting like moths to a flame…

Only this time, instead of being accused of sexual inappropriateness with an underaged girl, the embattled R&B legend is getting called out for allegedly bullying an autistic fan.


Amid a firestorm of sexual, emotional, mental, and physical abuse accusations stemming from several women claiming to have previously been in love-locked his captivity, the 50-year-old Grammy Award winning singer is now at the center of a brand new controversy—in which he appears to tease developmentally challenged music lover, Lenny Felix, outside of a nightclub in Hollywood.

Per video of the encounter, obtained by TMZ, Kells and his homies evidently bait the 27-year-old fanatic—who admittedly can’t sing—into belting out a few lines of the Chicago native’s smash classic “I️ Believe I️ Can Fly.

Immediately following Lenny’s impromptu performance, R. Kelly—who recorded the mini concert on his phone—jumped in singing, “I believe that you high/I️ believe that you’re touching the sky/ Smoking on that Percocet…”

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R. Kelly autistic fan


Upon seeing footage of their exchange, the family of Kells’ autistic fan was said to be “shocked,” “heartbroken,” and felt he was being victimized by the veteran virtuoso.

Lenny reportedly reacted to the clip by saying, “I don’t want him to think I’m dumb. Do you think he was making fun of me?”

In response to backlash following the video’s release, the “Snake” singer took to Instagram revealing that thought the guy was “drunk” rather than disabled, and said his lighthearted teasing was meant to be all in good fun.


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📢 (part II – see previous post for part I)

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So far, Lenny and his family have NOT filed a lawsuit against R. Kelly… However, some legal documents could be on their way to the big homie’s front door.


By: Asia Grace

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