R. Kelly allegedly guilted women into posing nude for him with promises of fame



R&B’s Pied-Piper, R.Kelly, may have successfully lured a number of baddies into what many believe to be his harem of abused and over-sexed girlfriends; however, one of the award winning singer’s would-be concubines claims she narrowly escaped Kells’ cult-like confines…thanks to her mom’s intervention.

As the court of public opinion continues serving the embattled 50-year-old Illinois native severe side-eye in light of his accruing the fifty-leventh sex scandal of his career, a young lady details the “Half On A Baby” boomer seduces unsuspecting women into his skeet-skeet circle with promises of fame, fortune, gifts, and trips…

Keeping her identity sealed, R.Kelly’s once-object of affection tells TMZ she met the renown vocalist backstage at one of his shows in December after getting a wristband from someone in his crew. She was 20 at the time.

Sis claims R. gave her his number and the 2 exchanged calls and texts, and he promised to help her become an actress/model.
Ol’ girl was then persuaded to visit the “Ignition” crooner at his Georgia crib with specific instructions to “wear something sexy.”


R. Kelly lures women
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When the aspiring star and her uninvited girlfriend arrived to his home, she claims things got creepy AF as she was immediately whisked off to R. Kelly’s bedroom after being told that no phones were allowed in the abode…

Once alone, the woman says the “Snake” singer asked her to strut around and pose like a model … and convinced her to take sexy photos.

After their sexy encounter, he allegedly paid her $200 and told her to use it to buy black lingerie, heels and red lipstick for her next visit … which she did.

According to shorty’s recount of events, she rolled solo to Kells’ house two more times, but says each time he got more aggressive and controlling … even guilting her into posing nude. She says they never had sex.

R. Kelly unintentionally broke the spell cast over his potential paramour when he sent her a one-way ticket to be with him back in L.A. in February, warning her not to bring a friend.

She says she felt uneasy and told her mother, who promptly put the DEADED the trip and their ongoing exchanges…


So far, R. Kelly has neither confirmed or denied homegirl’s story…


By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_           

Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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