Real Housewives of Atlanta: Porsha DONE with LeSean McCoy



PEACHLESS Porsha Williams of “Real Housewives of Atlanta, is now BAE-less as well. 

Earlier this year, MUVA Porsh posted a pic of her “baby steps” BOO BOO NFL star, LeSean McCoy. When an Instagram post of him and “Love and Hip Hop New York star,” Tahiry surfaced, things GOT QUIET for the baller and and the RHOA. 


The new OK! Magazine columnist and star of she’s “Dish Nation” doesn’t CONFIRM any ill will towards her former Bae and his new PIECE.

When asked if RHOA STANS would see and moments of romance between the 26-year-old football star and  Porsha, she was KINDA UNCLEAR. She SPILLED, “The young man I was dating couldn’t film until later in the season. However, I did feel like I had so many things going on career wise and in my family relationships that there was plenty of craziness to show.”


RE-CONFIRMING via Twitter that she and LeSean were OVER, the demoted Real Housewife seems to be holding up just fine. 


In true “IM GOOD,” form, Porsha SERVED how POPPIN her current state of affairs are. “My love life is pretty awesome. I go from one minute wanting to settle down and thinking of marrying again, to wanting to concentrate on my career and all the great things happening for me. Let’s just say I’m still figuring it out, but enjoying the ride. No pun intended!”


OH. PS. 

MUVA is NOT getting a spin-off show. “I don’t know who leaked this rumor. However, Team Porsha will be the first to know when my show is coming out. But no, Bravo hasn’t spoken to me about a spinoff at all. I would love to work with Bravo on a show! They are family.”


listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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