Real Housewives of Atlanta star once SUICIDAL?

Newest PEACH PALMER on Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Claudia Jordan admits, “I was depressed for a while to the point I was actually suicidal.”


In a recent interview, the former “Deal or No Deal,” model SPILLED GUTS about her past money woes and the feelings of worthlessness she endured.

Once Deal or No Deal was cancelled in  2009, Claudia “hit rock bottom,” as she suffered LOSS from EVERY ANGLE. “I lost my real estate…I was very proud of buying all my real estate on my own and [then] my show got canceled, I went through a divorce, basically I lost my work,” she continued. “Everything happened at the same time and I was depressed.”


Claudia GAVE DROP on what cause her to nearly file for bankruptcy. “I was a victim of some predatory loans, and I remember I was depressed for a while to the point I was actually suicidal.”




Now sharing the small screen with the likes of MEGA MILLIONAIRE Kandi Burruss and the VERY RICH BITCH, NeNe Leakes, Claudia recalls the days of her depression and unemployment.

“I laid in bed for months, and honestly I didn’t work,” she admitted. “I was depressed and I fell behind.”


Jordan ended up paying for her debts and never went through with the bankruptcy. “I definitely had money and lost it all and got it back, lost it all again and now I’m on the upswing,” she SPILLED. 


We will all catch that UPSWING soon as the new season of RHOA airs Sunday, Nov 9th on Bravo. 


Word is Miss Caludia already DIPPED her PEACH in some drama as rumors spread she’s dating Kordell Stewart, former RHOA Porsha’s ex husband. 

Claudia says, “it’s nothing exclusive.”


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