Real Housewives of Atlanta throwing SHADE at Phaedra Parks

After Real Housewives of Atlanta star, MUVA Phaedra Parks SPILLED GUTS on the Ellen Degeneres Show, her cast mates CAME FOR HER EYEBROWS on Instagram.
The SHADY photo above was posted by Cynthia Bailey READING Phaedra for her alleged EXTRA MARITAL romance with an African man named, Chocolate.
Though Phae Phae DENIES the claims that she cheated with Chocolate on soon to be EX husband, Apollo Nida, it seems like EVERY ASS BODY in the ATL is SERVING Phaedra the same TEA.


Cast mate, but non-PEACH HOLDER, Demetria McKinney called herself CLAPPING BACK at MUVA Phae for her remark, “[Demetria] is day old communion bread. She’s boring,” on Ellen.
When MUVA Degeneres showed Phaedra a photo of each RHOA she described them as follows:
NeNe: Genuine
Kenya: Satan
Claudia: Kenya Jr.
Kandi: Her Buddy
Cynthia: A Lap Dog (hence Cynthia’s IG Post)
Phaedra’s interview wasn’t all wasted on the ladies of Atlanta, she also spent time SPILLING about Apollo’s incarceration.
She told audiences everywhere that she knew NOTHING about his criminal activities and that she NEVER wants to diminish his character.
Phae also shared that she finds it DIFFICULT raising 4-year-old Aiden and 1-year-old Dylan ALONE while Apollo serves his 8 year prison sentence.
The new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta is scheduled to air Nov 9 on Bravo.

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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