Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Claudia Jordan HURT by Nene’s “Half breed”comment


Real Housewives of Atlanta STANs are STILL REELING over the READ Claudia Jordan gave MUVA NeNe Leakes during the January 11th episode. Claudia, a bi-racial beauty, was NOT HERE for being called a “Half-bread,” but also NOT surprised by Nene’s “ugly demeanor,” overall.


As reported on CHEEKYWIKI, the housewives hit Puerto Rico to attend house-friend Demertia Mckinney’s concert.
During the cast mates’ first group dinner, Claudia and Nene GOT TOGETHER ON ONE ANOTHER.
And like Claudia’s toes…


The series’ newest peach palmer, Claudia, proved she could hold her own against a RHOA vet even after being called a “whore” and a “half breed.”
With witty wig CLAP BACKS and age SHADE the former Deal or No Deal model fought fire with fire as MUVA LEAKES TRIED HER. Keeping a straight poker face during the fight, Claudia struggle to hide the fact that Nene’s “half breed” comment hurt her.
She TOOK TO Andy Cohen’s clubhouse on “Watch What Happens Live,” to express how damaging the quip was to her emotions.

“I spoke about the whole bi-racial thing on the show and people were tired of me talking about it. But those are the kind of incidents like why would you, why is that a negative to call me a half-breed? And I thought that was very — I thought that was a really low blow.”


Claudia continued, “That was worse than the whole clit thing, I think. I can’t do anything about that and nor would I want to…That’s part of who I am….NeNe was just running her mouth…I just kinda went into automatic pilot…I don’t even remember sometimes. I just go into defense mode.”
In her Bravo blog, Clau Clau says she never wanted to pursue a friendship with the woman she says has “no redeeming qualities about her personality that would make [Claudia] want to spend time with her. She goes on to SPILL that Nene, the former “fun underdog” has transformed into someone that takes pleaser in being “rude.”

PS. It does seem that Nene and Claudia were once cordial towards one another. As detailed in her blog, Clau states they have met several times and that Nene had KINDLY reached out to her Twitter in the past.



listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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