Reckless Rx: Prescription pills reportedly found scattered around Prince’s mansion



In the days leading to the first anniversary of Prince’s untimely death, Minnesota authorities claim to have found drugs strewn about his Paisley Park residence… 

As the one year mark of the late “When Doves Cry,” crooner’s April 21st painkiller-induced passing nears, cops released search warrants revealing that a number of prescription medicines and pamphlets on opioids addiction were found scattered throughout the late 57-year-old’s mansion on Monday… 


According to reports, the newly unsealed legal documents show law enforcement uncovered several Ziploc bags, pieces of luggage, and envelopes containing pills. 

Investigators also found pharmaceutical bottles labeled in the name of a friend and business associate…


Only one of the pills tested positive for fentanyl–the synthetic drug said to be 50 times stronger than heroin that was found in Prince’s body during his autopsy–though police are reportedly unsure how the virtuoso scored that specific painkiller…seeing as how he did not have a prescription for it. 


Prince pills

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Prince–whose lifeless body was found in the elevator of his estate just six days after he was hospitalized for an overdose while flying home after a concert in Atlanta– was said to have tapped his bodyguard, Kirk Johnson, to fill his prescriptions…including Percocet… And would also use the alias, Peter Bravestrong, to ensure his privacy. 
The “Kiss” singer’s main physician, Dr. Michael Schulenberg, reportedly admitted to prescribing Prince some Oxycodone the same day of his flight overdose… and wrote the prescription in Kirk Johnson’s name..
Neither Kirk nor Dr. Schulenberg have been interview by police since the hours immediately following Prince’s death.. 

No telling what information they may still have on the musical mastermind’s presumed addictions or tragic passing… But we hope the truth comes out and Prince’s soul is at rest..

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