Recycle Some Cans: Ja Rule hit $3 million Fyre Festival lawsuit; 7th suit in weeks


Unlucky in almost every-azz-thing, Ja Rule, is being smacked with yet another coin-heavy lawsuit thanks to his horrendously tragic Fyre Festival…



Don’t be surprised if the “Put It On Me” rapper pops up with a GoFundMe-like campaign in order to accrue some donation dollars towards satisfying the many legal woes now facing him and business partner, Billy McFarland, in light of the epic fail that was their would-have-been “paradise” based response to the California’s annual Coachella music showcase…


In newly filed court documents, obtained by PageSix, New York-based EHL Funding LLC, claims they extended a $3 million loan to the 41-year-old Queens native towards expenses for the ultimately disastrous Bahamas event billed as a “cultural moment created from an alchemic blend of music, art and food,” on April 10.
According to reports, per their borrower’s agreement, Ja and Billy promised to make weekly payments on the allowance for the next year–with the “Always On Time” rapper signing a personal guarantee, securing the loan and other fees in case of a default.

Ja Rule lawsuit
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While EHL reportedly acknowledges that 50 Cent’s arch-nemesis and his partner-in-crime did make a few timely payments totaling approximately $900K, their suit claims they haven’t received a DIME from the dastardly duo since April 21– just days before Fyre Festival organizers were forced to pull the plug on the two weekend-long concert due to ticket-holder complaints about shabby accommodation, unpalatable food, lack of water and electrify, and no secure way off of the private island.

Since they haven’t received a payment in three weeks, the company is now said to be gunning for the return of the bags they laid out, plus interest.
Full repayment is due by May 31, according to court papers.

This is the seventh lawsuit to be filed against Rule and Billy since the grand opening/grand closing of their failed festival.

So far, neither the Hip-Hop hitter nor his business big homie have made any public comments about their latest legal troubles.

By : Asia Grace

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