Remy Ma talks about PRISON, Nicki Minaj beef, and MORE

Remy Ma SPILLED GUTS to MUVA Wendy Williams about rumored BEEF with Nicki Minaj, the lawsuit with the woman SHE SHOT, and how 6 years, 4 months and 5 days behind bars, affected her marriage to rapper Papoose.
Word in the HOOD was that Remy and MUVA Nicki had problems. However, the “Whatever,” rapper nonchalantly SET that SH*T straight.  
On her “beef” with Nicki Minaj: “That’s not true. We speak very often. We speak often and I’m very proud of her. She wishes me the best and I wish her best all the time.”
Though Rem Rem did NOT name Nicki as one of the celebs who reached out to her while she was LOCKED UP, she makes it CLEAR the two rap GAWDESSS are on good terms.
As for those who did reach out, Remy excitedly shared her gratitude.
“I did more phone calls to people. I spoke to DJ Khaled on the phone. 50 Cent sent me wonderful letters for my P.O. Like personally signed them saying like [telling the judge] if you grant her appeal she’ll be fine. And Keyshia Cole gave me thousands of thousands of dollars like here ‘this is for you son, this is for your lawyer’. That to me meant more than coming to visit me.”
Remy, who claims to have PHYSICALLY FOUGHT other inmates in order to watch, “The Wendy Williams Show,” share show being imprisoned strengthening her marriage.
“I believe that me being away actually brought us closer than we would be if I was home. It made us understand how precious we were to each other. We couldn’t just see each other anymore, couldn’t talk to each other, couldn’t sleep with each other when we wanted to. So anytime that we did have together we really cherished it.”
When questioned about the lawsuit filed by Makeda Barnes Joseph (the woman she shot) Remy HIT EM with a quick and short,“It was settled.”
The Boogie Down Bronxer also talked with Wendy about regrets and how she hopes to conduct herself from here on in. “I believe everyone who has went through any turmoil in their life have some regrets. I definitely know that keeping a smaller circle and keeping people around that love you genuinely. It just made me more wiser about my surroundings,” said Ma.
Rem is working on a new mixtape entitled “I’m Around”scheduled to DROP SOON.

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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