Remy Ma talks decision to share miscarriage tea on social media: “I felt like it was my fault”



Though often kept a painful secret most women privately tuck away in the back of their hearts and minds, rap heroine, Remy Ma, bravely shared the details of her tragic miscarriage with world on Monday. 
In light of her courageous revelation, Papoose’s 36-year-old Love And Hip Hop New York starring wifey is now opening up about why she chose to spill on their unfortunate loss and the overwhelming response she received from fans and friends who’ve endured similar tragedies. 


“Sometimes when you go through things it feels like you’re literally the only person in the world that this happened to. Like, so much stuff I be like, ‘Only Me. Only me does this happen to,'” Remy lamented as she sat down for a chat with FactsOnly, today. 


Remy Ma
Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_          

Twitter: @Cheekywiki

The Bronx native went on to confess to feeling depressed, embarrassed, ashamed, and guilty following the loss of what would have been her and Pap’s first child together…
But after heeding some sound words of encouragement from her husband… as well as weighing out the pros and cons of revealing her sorrows to the masses, Remy made it clear that talking about her miscarriage served as a cathartic and eye-opening measure in her time of need…



By : Asia Grace      

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_          

Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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