RHOA’s Bob Whitfield apologizes to Sheree for “choking” joke: “My mockery is shameful”



Though once amused by the mere thought of choking his ex-wife, Sheree Whitfield, former NFL baller turned Real Housewives of Atlanta villain, Bob Whitfield, is getting all choked-up in a newly issued apology letter for publicly displaying a contemptuous attitude towards domestic abuse…


Following the most recent episode of RHOA, social media soldiers swiftly drew their digital swords in preparation to merciless chop down the 45-year-old ex-Atlanta Falcons left tackle for low key copping to putting his paws on Sheree throughout their seven years of marriage (2000-2007).  
“Maybe I didn’t choke you hard enough,” Bob spewed at the 47-year-old “who gon check me boo” originator after she confronted him about their violent history during a cast trip to Hawaii–which, duh, immediately brought Sheree to tears..



After catching a wave of cyber spankings for his SO NASTY SO RUDE apathy towards the mother of his children, Bob released a statement of remorse a as an act of contrition.. 


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PEEP HIS LETTER via StraightFromTheA..


My Dearest Woman,

I am wrong. I made trivial the abuse of HER in front of the world. I am no monster. I allowed truth, comedy and conjecture to convey an image of myself that I would never condone. I know how emotionally charged anger can inflict damage to someone you hold dear. My mockery is shameful and no longer funny.

One instance of psychological abuse may not condemn someone to death, yet it would be no instances that makes a man wholesome; by being thoughtful in words and actions; being responsible in procedure and measures; being a protector, provider and provisioner for his family; and to show proper restraint with committing actions that lack virtue.

I laugh because it feels better than crying. However, I must cry for forgiveness.

My humility now is true to the pride that I take of holding HER to the highest esteem as mother or as wife, as confidant or as friend .

This ode is true…

Humble and Highest Regards,

Bob’s Sorry 2004 note comes on the heels of a manifesto published by his “long time friend,” Katy Richard, who recently took to social media claiming homeboy’s alleged abuse against Sheree was merely a made up storyline used to gas her position as a peach-holding Real Housewives vixen. 


At this point, Sheree has yet to openly accept Bob’s apology or acknowledge Katy’s accusations. 

By : Asia Grace        

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_          

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