Rick Ross COMES FOR Drake in Meek Mill’s defense [AUDIO]


“If it’s gotta go there, Renzel gonna jump off the porch on your a**,” Rick Ross said in NO uncertain terms while emphasizing his loyalty to Meek Milk as it pertains to the rapper’s year long beef with Drake. 

On Friday, Hip-Hop’s self-proclaimed Biggest Boss let it be known that his 29-year-old Philly born Maybach Music Group protege did everything BUT lose in his war against Drizzy…ANDDDD made it clear that he’s about “whatever” action if the 6god continues disrespecting his mans…

While choppin it up N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN’s “Drink Champs,” podcast the 40-year-old “Magnificent” lyricist said, “Just off some G s—, [Meek] ain’t lose to nobody.”

He continued, “I know I’m a rich n—-, I know what Meek Mill getting. Everybody don’t know what [Drake’s] business like. I don’t really know what’s touching the bank account.”

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Though Rozay and Champagne Papi once enjoyed a friendly work relationship, the 305 representative said he hasn’t spoken to his “Lord Knows” collaborator and made it clear AF that he has NO interest in working things out with him any time soon. 

“You either bring it to the table or you just let it go out of control and see what happens,” Ross served when asked if he and Drake can sit down and smooth out their bumps. “I always been one of them ni**as. When I first spoke about [Drake and Meek’s beef] on The Breakfast Club, I was speaking in a peaceful tone because that’s my way of telling ni**as, ‘y’all ni**as need to tighten up,’ so ni**as can get it right,” he added. 

“Because if you assuming a ni**a respects whoever your big homie is, you’re wrong,” the rap lord said presumably making reference to Drizzy’s label overseer, Birdman. 

“It’s about being wise,” Renzel continued. A fool is quick to go to war, it takes a wise man to put the plays together and keep it in a way n*ggas can keep getting money.”




The “Purple Lamborghini” spitter’s rant against Drake was undoubtably brought on by the VIEWS rhymer’s recent TROLL of Meek Milly during his Summer Sixteen tour stop in Philadelphia. 

With all this heated a** shade being tossed from both camps, it’s safe to assume the “R.I.C.O” rappers won’t be peacing things up anytime soon. 


By : Asia Grace 

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_        

Twitter: @Cheekywiki  

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