Rick Ross TROLLS 50 Cent for filing for Bankruptcy [VIDEO]


While most consider Meek Mill and Drake’s ghost writer war the BEEF of the year, their squabble is child’s play as compared to the longstanding rivalry between Hip-Hop lords, Rick Ross and 50 Cent. 

While choppin it up with Power 105.1’s Angie Martinez, the 40-year-old “Bag of Money,” rhymer spilled on his BEEF with the G-Unit General and even TROLLED him for having to file for bankruptcy after losing a $5 MILLION lawsuit against his baby mama. 


 Rick Ross TROLLS 50 Cent for filing for Bankruptcy [VIDEO]   
In defense of his MMG protege, who was deemed the LOSER in the rap romp with Drake, Rozay said “You gotta understand, perception isn’t always what it is…I was perceived once to be losing to an artist or in a battle, I tripled my worth, less than 12 months. So when you a person with my experience, it’s a lot of good things that come from this.” 

Though he gives both rhymers props for their galant efforts in their lyrical altercation, the pear loving BOSS classified the Drizzy and Milly beef under “light work.” 

Continuing to point to the more serious warfare he engaged in with 50 Rick served, “Me as an artist I heard the same thing from everybody that was a part of any label. ‘You making a mistake, what’re you doing?’ Man, shut up sucker. I initiated [the beef]. See that’s what y’all don’t know.”


When asked about 50 Cent decision to file for bankruptcy and calling it a wise “business” move, the “Magnificent” spitter lowkey clowned his arch enemy over his current struggling finances. 

“You think Jay Z woulda filed bankruptcy? You think Puff woulda filed bankruptcy,” he says. 
“Bankruptcy, that’s when it’s everything you ever worked for. That’s your name, that’s your brand, you walking away from him,” Ross continued. 

“I’m not gon’ speak on another man’s pockets, that’s not my job, but everything a man worked for..All you got as a man is your name. Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and now you bankrupt. You could come back here tomorrow and explain it and say ‘I’m doing this, I’m doing that.’ Stop, stop, there’s holes in your roof, fam.”



So far, 50 has NOT clapped back at Ross for the shade, but we ate willing to bet our last 2 quarters that a response is gonna come…and soon. 


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