RIP: Prodigy’s choking incident noted as a possible cause of death


In the wake of the sudden and tragic death of Mob Deep rapper, Prodigy, an alleged choking incident is being considered as a contributing factor in the Hip-Hop heavyweight’s untimely demise. 

Word on the curb has it, on Tuesday, the late 42-year-old “Shook Ones” rhymer choked on an egg while receiving medial attention for his sickle cell anemia in a Las Vegas, NV hospital…

Info plugs connected to the investigation into Prodigy’s passing spill to TMZ claiming that it remains undetermined if the Queens reppin’ emcee’s supposed food obstruction ultimately ended his life or if complications stemming from his chronic illness was his undoing. 


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The “Quiet Storm” spitter–who, over the weekend, performed on the “Art Of Rap” tour in Vegas with his career-long rap partner, Havoc–was said to have been pulled out of a fan meet-and-greet event after Saturday night’s concert because his security team noticed he was struggling with issues related to his disease…

Sources allege that Prodigy’s sickle cell was exacerbated by extreme desert temps — it was reportedly as hot as 110 during the show–and his sickness made him prone to dehydration and weakened his immune system.

Tragically, even after being removed from the dire circumstances, Prodigy’s health continued to rapidly decline–which ultimately led to his hospitalization. 
As previously reported on Cheekywiki, a number of rap rulers ran to social media expressing their deep sorrow for the loss of the unsung Hip-Hop hero…

Prodigy leaves behind two daughters,  T’shaka and Tasia. 



 By : Asia Grace         

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_           

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