Robin Thicke drug abuse, Paula wants FULL CUSTODY of their son

PAULA PATTON is doing everything BUT PLAYING when it comes to her 3-year-old son Julian.
Already in the throws of a MESSY SPLIT from her husband, the SADDEST man alive, Robin Thicke, Paula may also be GEARING UP for a custody battle.


During a recent deposition in federal court, Robin admitted to drug and alcohol ABUSE.
As if Robin ‘SADDER DAY’ Thicke hasn’t lost enough (his wife, his fans, record sales, dignity) the actress is considering going after full custody of their son, Julian.
According to
“Paula Patton will go after full-custody of their son with Robin Thicke if the singer doesn’t get his act together, fast!”


“Paula will not allow Robin to be present in Julian’s life if he is still drinking and using drugs. He needs to stop altogether.” Thicke admitted taking Norco and said that had a “drug and alcohol problem” for at least a year.”
Paula hasn’t filed for divorce just yet, but sources SPILL saying, “she said she’s over it and has moved on” and the filing “could come any day now.”


Sorry Rob Rob. We were SURE after you dedicated your last album to her, Paula would come back around. I guess she wasn’t one of the 7 people who bought it.

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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