Rudy Giuliani DRAGS Beyonce’s VMAs performance  [VIDEO]

“It’s a shame. It’s a shame,” former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani said of the symbolism used in protest of police brutality against African Americans featured in Beyonce’s slay-full showcase at the Video Music Awards over the weekend.
On Monday, the 72-year-old politician took a verbal hammer to the heralded Queen Bey’s artistic commentary on social injustice during her performance of “Pray You Catch Me,” at MTV’s annual awards ceremony which aired this past Sunday.
Fans of the 34-year-old Houston bred hottie breathlessly watched as she sang center stage while her 16 backup dancers each dropped to the floor one-by-one with a blood red spotlight pooling around them…representing the victims of gun violence.


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At the end of the song, Yonce–who proudly rolled up to the VMAs alongside the mothers of the Black Lives Matter movement Sybrina Fulton (Trayvon Martin), Lesley McSpadden(Michael Brown), Gwen Carr (Eric Garner) and Wanda Johnson (Oscar Grant III)–walked forward onstage alone while a man wearing a hoodie followed her — a powerful image that recalled the 2012 murder of Trayvon Martin.


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While choppin it up with Fox News, former mayor Giuliani not only made it clear that he was unmoved by Beyoncé performance but also said that he’s done more good for black people that she ever has or will..
“I saved more black lives than any of those people you saw on stage,” he spat when asked his opinion on the “Flawless” crooner’s presentation.
“You’re asking the wrong person because I had five uncles who were police officers, two cousins who were, one who died in the line of duty. I ran the largest and best police department in the world, the New York City Police Department. And I saved more black lives than any of those people you saw on stage by reducing crime and particularly homicide by 75 percent,” Giuliani added before shaming Bey for her indelible impact on the next generation.


As previously reported on Cheekywiki, the balding Republican also DRAGGGED Baddie Bey for taking a creative stance in opposition of police brutality during her halftime show performance at 2016 Super Bowl, back in February.
In light of the ex-mayor’s most recent messy remarks against the Lemonade singing luminary, celebrities and fans alike have jumped to her defense.
“Who gives a f*** about what Rudy Giuliani has to say about music,” rapper T.I. served to TMZ of the politician’s comments. “He needs to worry about Trump’s campaign.”

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