Russell Simmons’ $5 million sexual assault accuser details alleged rapes [VIDEO]

“He pushed me and forced himself on top me,” explains the woman slamming Russell Simmons with a multi-million dollar sexual assault lawsuit.

In her first public appearance since filing legal papers against the sullied rap figure, Jennifer Jarosik, an independent women’s empowerment filmmaker, openly detailed the two separate occasions on which she claims Russell “aggressively” attacked her.

“I had a great, tremendous amount of respect for him at the time and I had thought, this is amazing,” she revealed on the Megyn Kelly Show on Tuesday, recalling her first meeting with the former Def Jam president in his NYC office back in 2011. “Here is this high-profile man who understood what I was trying to do, to help women, who offered to give an interview.”

After Russell asked her business associate to leave them to continue the meeting in private, Jennifer claims “He started to kiss me and then he raped me. I tried to force him off, but it happened so quickly and I just froze.”

Following the alleged incident, Jennifer admittedly maintained a friendly and professional relationship with the Hip-Hop figure in hopes to further her occupational goals.

Russell Simmons rape accuser

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She says Russell then raped her again, in 2016, during a meeting at his home in Los Angeles.

Prior to his being hit with the first of what would be over 13 sexual assault accusations, Jennifer says Russell randomly called her in 2017, informing her of his looming troubles.

After reminding him of his repeated attacks on her, Russell allegedly asked her how he could make things right…To which she responded with a request for money to fund her film.

The 60-year-old Phat Farm founder, according to Jenn, promised to put her in touch with a producer, but claimed he couldn’t help her financially.

Deading any assumptions that she’s now coming against Russ with a $5 million suit as an act of retribution, Jennifer says she’s merely seeking justice on behalf of herself and other women.



By: Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_

Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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