RZA & Common cool w/ Kanye West’s meeting with Donald Trump; YG & Nipsey Hussle.. Not so much 

Although your mans Kanye West caught hella sloppy slings after sitting down with president-elect, Donald Trump, for a 15 minute meeting of their blonde ego-tripping minds, not everyone is totally against Yeezy’s controversial moves.
While the “Through The Wire,” rapper’s longtime friend and collaborator, John Legend, led the pack of Hollywood heavyweights denouncing him for conversing with the 70-year-old “grab her by the p***y” originator, Hip-Hop game changers RZA and Common contrarily seem to be cool with Mr. West’s decision to pioneer a smooth path between the widely despised Commander-in-Chief on deck and the culture.
Kanye West
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As he made his way thorough an airport, the 47-year-old Wu-Tang Clan frontman gave Ye props for meeting with Trump in effort to effect a positive change in disenfranchised and forgotten areas.
“Trump is the president and we’re gonna have to talk with him, deal with him, build with him, and make sure that some of the things he’s dealing with are reflected in our community,” RZA said to TMZ after admitting that he hadn’t talked to Kanye in long time.
Similarly, Commom– who was once signed to Yeezy’s G.O.O.D. Music label– gave his fellow Chicagoan emcee a friendly pass on politicking with the hated politician.
“Kanye, that’s my brother,” the Academy Award winning musician spilled to TMZ on Wednesday. “That’s my family. So, he gonna do what he chooses to do… That’s my guy, that’s my homie. That’s gon’ always be my brother, so some things he does, that’s what he chooses to do. But I know I’m gonna doing things the way I choose to do ’em, and we gon’ do ’em together. That’s how love go. That’s how people work. Everybody don’t always do the same thing to get to same place, but we gon’ have to do it together at some point.”
And though it’s nice that Kanye has the support of some of his musical cohorts… It seems others–including rappers YG and Nipsey Hussel– apparently share John Legend’s “disappointment” in the “Famous,” spitters Trump choices.

By : Asia Grace

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