Scrotum Scammers: “Power” creator says penis beef w/ 50 Cent was “bulls***” for  buzz


It’s common belief that only lames lie on their penises. However, in a shocking plot twist it seems your boy, 50 Cent, drummed-up some dishonesties about his d*** in order to create hype around the last season of Power.


As the executive producer behind the hit Starz series, the 41-year-old Queens bred rapper will undoubtedly do anything to facilitate the successful growth of his televised baby…Even knowingly flash his c*** on camera, according to the show’s creator.


While chopping it up with Refinery29, program mastermind, Courtney Kemp, revealed the penis-related beef that ensued when 50 trolled digitally her for exposing his fleshy roll of quarters during an episode of Power season 3… was faker than Ghost’s ability to speak fluent Spanish…
“It’s all bullsh*t! 50 and I are extremely close, so all that social media drama? It’s just for the show,” Courtney spilled. “People truly believed that he did not know his dick was going to be on camera.”
She continued, “I couldn’t believe it. Do you know how long we had to prepare for that shot? Of course he knew. The whole thing just gave us so much more buzz and helped me realize how we can use social media to our advantage. 50 Cent is a brilliant marketer.”

50 Cent Courtney Kemp
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As previously reported on Cheekywiki, the “Wanksta” rapper told Courtney to “kiss my ass” after his Magic Stick made its small screen debut…

He even took his “woes is me” act on Jimmy Kimmel Live… making it seem like he was just as surprised as audiences to see his man-eggplant on TV..
“I knew it was there, but in the original clips, it was darker,” he said. “It wasn’t on, like, a big screen, like a life-sized version. It wasn’t like an accident. Courtney was like, ‘I didn’t want to show it to you in the beginning, because I didn’t think you needed to see it at that point…You just gotta take one for the team.'”


Fif, in full victim mode, followed up his hurt puppy hoax with claims that members of his family severely scolded him for showcasing his male member on film….
“My aunt sees the show, and she’s like, ‘I’m traumatized,'” he said. “She texted me like, ‘What the f***? Why didn’t you tell me?.”


So far, the G-Unit honcho has yet to confirm or deny Courtney’s claims of their colluded chaos…

But we’re here for the mess either way..

Power season 4 is suspected to air sometime during summer 2017..


By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_          

Twitter: @Cheekywiki      

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