Secure the No-No Square: K. Michelle claims she was sexually assaulted by a female TSA agent

“She was completely in my vagina, like I felt her finger,” R&B singer, K. Michelle, revealed to Twitter of the alleged sexual assault she endured via a TSA agent.


Unfortunately, Tennessee’s 33-year-old “VSOP” songstress was allegedly hit with some unfavorable Law & Order: SVU-like treatment at the start of her Memorial Day Weekend as she claims a female airport employee inserted a finger inside her private parts during what should have been a routine security check.

K. Michelle TSA

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“This lady basically fingered me checking me at TSA. Honestly is was disgusting like she was enjoying it,” K announced to her 1.5 million social media followers on Friday. “My team kept telling her stop touching me like that. It’s like she got off from it. I froze up.”




Love and Hip-Hop’s typically brazen baddie went on to tell how she’d been given priority check-in status and an airport greeter, which lead her to believe she’d been targeted due to her celebrity.
“Wow. She did out of spite, specifically cause it was me,” Michelle said. “Y’all sometimes this job isn’t worth the headache and things you have to witness and learn.”
When asked by fans if she’d considered reporting the offense to the authorities, the More Issues Than Vogue musical mastermind–who’s known for knucking and bucking with any/every one of her violators, on sight– maturely proclaimed that she’ll be handling this incident “the legal way” as reverting back to her violent past was just “not worth it.”



By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_           

Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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