Securing The Bags: Phaedra Parks uses prenup to BLOCK Apollo Nida from getting alimony



Everybody knows a good housewife is always extra protective of her coins. And Real Housewives Of Atlanta honey, Phaedra Parks, is making it crystal clear to her estranged inmate hubby, Apollo Nida, that she’s NO exception to the rule..

As the messy dissolution of the Bravo starring former couple’s marriage continues to sloppily unfold in front of our eyes, it seems the 43-year-old donkey-bootied attorney at law is working over time to ensure that her incarcerated ex–who’s currently serving out an 8 year sentence in federal prison for bank fraud and money laundering– doesn’t run off with her hard earned cheddar…

According to her legal documents, obtained by TMZ, Phae-Phae recently asked the courts to enforce what she considers an ironclad prenup Apollo signed on October 23, 2009 … 9 days before they got married.

Phaedra Parks
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Pointing to her 8-year-old paperwork, the RHOA stunner claims both she and her fair-skinned sweetheart waived their right to alimony—therefore, he shouldn’t get a dime in spousal support once their divorce is officially finalized– and agreed on how they were to divide their assets…

Phaedra reportedly feels their prenup should control who gets to keep what, and doesn’t want to leave things up to the judge … as Apollo has requested.
In her filings, the shorter member of the “Frick And Frack” friend duo is said to be low key shading Apollo by noting that his assets have plummeted due to his criminal activity.

No telling when their divorce will be finalized once and for all… Let’s just pray everybody gets what they deserve.
By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_           

Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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