Sex, Lies, and Fried Chicken: Aretha Franklin REVEALED



New TEA on, “The Queen of R&B,” SERVES SEX, LIES, and something DEEP FRIED ON THE SIDE.

Author David Ritz UNABASHEDLY tells the FULL STORY of Aretha Franklin in his new book, “RESPECT.”

The Daily Mail featured a piece entitled, “The Secret life of Aretha Frakilin: The Queen, laid bare,” which highlights  the SORDID story behind the original MUVA, Aretha Franklin.

“She fabricated stories about mystery lovers and released those stories to the press just to keep her name in print,” READS Daily Mail. 

The publication does well to give readers FULL DROP on the DIVAs upbringing with a SEX CRAZED pastor for a father, a BITTER DISTAIN for fellow MUVAs like Whitney Houston and Beyonce, and her ADDICTION TO CHICKEN.

“She was able to kick alcohol in the Seventies – and has never gone back to it – but not her food addiction. Sugar, bread and fried chicken were high on her ‘eat more’ list and she did. ‘Girlfriend was fat!’ stated Ruth Bowen, her booking agent.

Her other weakness was her ego.”


Aretha’s insecurities stemmed from childhood causing her to become increasingly jealous through her musical life. 

Heralded for beginning her SINGING career in church, the article DELVES into her childhood with a sex addict.

“She came from a home where her father was a promiscuous gospel preacher whose church was a front for orgies which Ray Charles was to describe as a ‘sex circus’.

‘When it came to pure heart singing, they were mother*****s,’ he said.


‘When it came to pure sex, they were wilder than me – and that’s saying something. In those days I had a thing for orgies, but I had to be the only cat in the room with two or three chicks.

‘The gospel people didn’t think that way. The cats liked it with the cats and the chicks liked it with the chicks and no one minded mixing it up this way or that.”




Aretha’s insecurities PRESIDED over the troubled MUVA causing her to shun any potential female friends in the industry. Ties with Barbara Streisand, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Roberta Flack, and Anita Baker were essentially MURDERED due to DIVA Franklin’s jealousy.

The article notes “Most recently, at the 2008 Grammy Awards Aretha was miffed when Beyonce introduced Tina Turner as ‘the Queen’, a title Aretha jealously guarded.”


MUVAs 18 Grammy’s may GLITTER but EVERYTHING behind Aretha’s fame CLEARLY isn’t GOLD.



listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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