Sheryl Underwood CLAPS BACK at Queens of Comedy


We supposed Sheryl Underwood’s recent revelation is proof that the “Queens of Comedy” can do well to WATCH where they toss their SHADE.

Last week, during “The Talk’s” secret week, host Sheryl Underwood GAVE US THE DROP as to why she declined an invitation to fill the role of THICK NECKED LOUD MOUTH  in “The Queens of Comedy,”  after actress Mo’Nique left. 
Underwood SPILLED TEA on some BIG names in comedy that left those ladies doing everything BUT laughing. 
Sheryl says she caught the comediennes KICKING HER BACK IN during a phone call she over heard. 
“There’s a conference call…I dialed in…I hear Sommore, Adele Givens and Laura Hayes all talking about me.
I hear discussions about my appearance, my ability… I was startled and hurt. I was bruised, but I WAS NOT broken,” she dished. 
They never knew she was on the call and had heard all of their criticisms. BIG GUMS Sheryl said she was so shocked that she couldn’t “UN-MUTE MY PHNE AND SAY HEY BITCH I HEAR YOU.” She did, however, stay on the phone with her line muted and heard everything they said and even TOOK NOTES (MUVA LIKE conduct). 
Though she has since worked with some of the ladies on various projects and  claims to no longer harbor ill-will towards the jokers,  WE TASTE YOUR TEA, SHERYL.
The daytime talk show host ends her soliloquy with, “I know you’re probably thinking, why am I saying this now… because I’m right where I belong…I thank them for the blessing of telling m me something that maybe I need to hear, because this is where i need to get to and they help me get there “
We SEE you Sher Sher and though you are NOT MUVA, we applaud you for very MUVA LIKE BEHAVIOR.

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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