Side Steppin: R. Kelly denies underage sexual abuse allegations


For failing to keep it on the Down Low, R. Kelly is labeling his alleged underage sexual abuse victim “dishonest” and charging that she and other haters are teaming up to ruin his illustrious career, spanning over two decades.

On Monday, 24-year-old Jerhonda Pace candidly unveiled her teenage rendezvous with the embattled 50-year-old “Seems Like Your Ready” singer, which she claims began when she was a mere 16-year-old high school student skipping class to support the R&B legend during his infamous 2008 child pornography trial in Illinois.

The now married mother of three accuses Kells of plying her with alcohol, instructing her to lie about her true age–something she initially misinformed him of–and forcing her to engage in his eccentric sexual fantasies for seven months…

“I had to call him ‘daddy,’ and he would call me ‘baby.’ He wanted me to have two pigtails, and I had to go out and find little schoolgirl outfits,” Jerhonda confessed to BuzzFeed before claiming Kells took her virginity and subsequently made her participate in threesomes.

While in the “I Wish” crooner’s care, she claims he also demanded she follow his “rules” which included, dressing in baggy clothes, turning over her phone, and asking permission to shower, eat, go to the bathroom, and leave the property.

It wasn’t until being allegedly subjected to a physical reprimand from R. Kelly–during which the music veteran supposedly slapped, choked, and spat on her–in January 2010 for talking on the phone with a friend sans his permission that Jerhonda finally DEADED their sordid love affair.

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Despite having signed a nondisclosure agreement for which she received payment from Kelly, Jerhonda reveals that she’s now coming forward with her testimony in effort to help free the six woman believed to be currently held captive in the “World’s Greatest” harmonizer’s Georgia and Illinois homes.

“If I can speak out and I can help them get out of that situation, that’s what I will do,” she said. “I didn’t have anybody to speak up on my behalf when I was going through what I was going through with him.”

In response to his accuser’s damning claims, R. Kelly, via his publicist Trevian Kutti, denied homegirl’s story.

“The allegations against Mr. Kelly are false, and are being made by individuals known to be dishonest. It is clear these continuing stories are the result of the effort of those with personal agendas who are working in concert to interfere with and damage his career,” the statement to CNN read. “Mr. Kelly again denies any and all wrong doing and is taking appropriate legal action to protect himself from ongoing defamation.”

The “Step In The Name Of Love” creator, who’s been embroiled in controversy since July following allegations he’s running an abusive and sex-obsessed “cult”–indictments he deemed a “bunch of crap” via social media–has yet to face criminal charges connected to any of the accusations being made against him.


By : Asia Grace
Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_
Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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