Slithery Shade: Lil Kim talks Nicki Minaj beef; says rapper isn’t “real” [VIDEO]

“A snake is a snake,” served Lil Kim in regards to any foreseeable end to her ongoing beef with “Anaconda” emcee, Nicki Minaj.

On Friday, Hip-Hop’s heralded Queen Bee took to HOT 97’s Ebro In The Morning where she discussed being a longstanding proponent for female unity in the rap realm, in spite of a festering feud with her Queens bred predecessor–a war the “Big Mama Thang” boomer doesn’t seem to think will ever subside… unless there’s some serious money on the table!


After confessing her reverence for the many lady lyricists who paved the way for her, Kim low-key shaded Nicki for failing to pay her any respects upon emerging onto the scene in the mid 2000s…

“You don’t come into the game disrespecting your idols…A lot of these girls come into the industry like that. It’s whack…and it always catches up to you late. Karma’s a mother,” the 42-year-old Bad Boy baddie said, adding, “At the end of the day it’s like..what me and Remy are doing – cuz everyone knows we had situations in the past, but what we are doing is boss. This is what guys do…This is what 50 and Fat Joe did – this is boss. When you’re with real, you recognize real.”

Lil Kim Nicki Minaj
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She continued,”It’s hard when people can’t give you that respect, when people can’t mutually say ‘I’m sorry if I said something that offended you, I made a mistake, If I did this I apologize because that wasn’t me.’”

When asked her reaction to an apology from Nicki, Kim said, “Somethings just can’t be mended unless there’s, like, a different type of conversation. Some people take it too far, some people take it to a point where they try to really deliberately see you in the ground or they still hold on to ‘I’m right.’”

Adding that the “No Frauds” spitter has already ignored many windows of opportunity to formally atone for her transgressions, the “No Time” rhymer made it clear that a mea culpa from Nicki, at this point, would make the Young Money representative  look like a “phony.”

“A snake is a snake,” she said. “I’m not going to pick it up just because it’s being nice to me and wrap it around me leg, it’s still a snake.”’


In regards to a collaboration with Minaj, Kim pointed to the massive “damage” that’s been done between her and the Pink Print performer, but confirmed that an on-wax reconciliation would only happen if the bag was right… because Nicki isn’t “really real.”


By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_           

Twitter: @Cheekywiki                    


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