Snoop Dogg calls Iggy Azalea a BITCH in NEW Instagram Meme

So we’re not going to talk about how Snoop Dogg HAS NO CHILL!
The rapper is STILL going HAM on Iggy Azalea after she MADE IT CLEAR she was NOT WITH the Instagram jokes.
Snoop turned WHITE HOT when news hit that rapper Iggy Azalea FELT SOME TYPE OF WAY at him for his, “Iggy No Make Up,” meme.
When reports HIT that Iggy was, “Fuming Mad,” at Snoop Dogg for attaching her name to a picture of an Albino woman with braids, Snoop CLAPPED BACK with, “I wish a bitch would,” followed by, “it’s just a joke.”
Well today Iggy might just BLOW HER TOP as Snoop posted another pic on the Gram comparing Iggy to Shawn Wayans dressed in DRAG in movie, “White Chicks.”
He commented on his own photo calling Iggy a BITCH and throwing her a little NeNe Leakes SHADE with, “I SAID WHAT I SAID,” followed by “bitch now let it go before I go all in on ya pink punk ass yeah u bitch!!l”
Snoop clearly isn’t HERE for Iggy’s emotions.
We shall see if she claps back.


listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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