Somaya Reece on past abusive relationship: “he was beating my head into the ground” [VIDEO]

While most of us reality TV junkies remember former “Love and Hip-Hop New York” star, Somaya Reece, as the big breasted rapping baddie who had no qualms about beefing with any and all of her cast mates, behind the scenes the aspiring emcee suffered from years of domestic abuse at the hands of her ex-boyfriend..

somaya reece domestic abuse

On newly spawned E! network series, “Famously Single,” the now 33-year-old physically fit vixen opened about about her abusive past during a one-on-one spill session with relationship coach Darcy Sterling..
“My boyfriend set the tone of every other man I dated after that,” Somaya says. “That guy, my boyfriend, did beat me. It was horrible. I tried to break up with him a couple times. It just wasn’t easy and then he was like, ‘If you’re not going to be with me, you’re not going to be with anyone.'”
She continues, “He just beat me so bad and I fought as much as I could. The only thing I remember is that he was beating my head into the ground.”
Somaya–who’s currently in a same sex relationship with rapper Lady Luck–goes on to explain that the violence her ex-boyfriend subjected her to is partly the reason she steers clear of dating guys.
“It just made me hate men,” she says. “I just think they’re disgusting.”
Today, the reality beauty took to Instagram to elaborate on her experience and to encourage others to get out of their abusive relationships ASAP.

Today i'm in a painful place. I'm sorry so about all the tears but I've been bottling this up for many years. Even though I speak about it publicly, I haven't faced the events that have happened to me head on because my only choice has been to be STRONG and keep moving on. And for the haters that have been commenting online that "I deserved it" I'm sorry but NO, I didn't deserve to be ambushed, attacked, violated, and left DEAD on a pavement. It's extremely painful to relive. I can't even watch this right now😞I know may seem like I have it all together but in reality I am like you, I suffer pain, I cry, I'm vulnerable, I am human. I hope tonight's episode helps you understand me a little deeper. I will continue use my "celebrity" and these platforms to tell my story in order to help someone out there. I don't know if they will show entire story in this episode but…. What I do want to say is if you're being abused. Please GET OUT before it's too late. If someone had not found me on the ground where I flatlined, I wouldn't be here to tell my story today🙏🏽 New episode of #FamouslySingle airs tonight Tuesday at 10pm on E! @eentertainment Thank you @drdarcysterling @robmackofficial @laurelhouse and my cast mates for helping me heal! #DomesticAbuse #Survivor #TeamSomaya

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