Soulja Boy squashes beef with Lil Yachty [VIDEO]



“Lil Yachty, you know I love you. I just need to smoke a blunt,” Soulja Boy said in a digital atonement addressed to his “Broccoli,” rhyming friend/foe following their weekend-long Instagram beef…

After several days of exchanging shady slings and messy threats, it seems the 26-year-old “Superman That Hoe” originator feels bad about his rivalry with the 19-year-old “Twizzler” headed emcee over social media baddie, India Love.

For calling him a “b**** a** n****,” and threatening to do him bodily harm, a remorseful Soulja apologized to Yachty for his rantings and blamed his reprehensible behavior on a weed and lean deficiency.


Soulja Boy
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“You know how big Soulja start tweaking when he ain’t got no weed,” the rapper said in his apology video. “Yeah I’m back to myself, lean and gas […] Bitch I was on the road with no drugs!”


In a separate clip the SODMG front runner continued explaining away his nonsensical conduct saying , “I feel like everything was just exaggerated. I feel like n****s keep trying me, man. I’m not no b***. Lil Yachty texted me telling me to take a picture down of India Love. I’ve been with this girl for years and she ain’t even met this n****. Then Sizzle start dissing me. N** for what?”

He added,”But right now, I ain’t got no beef with nobody. I done shot n*** before. Everybody that’s beefing with me, Lil Yachty, let’s squash that sh** bro. The Lil Yachty beef over.”

Despite his attempts at reconciliation, it seems Yachty isn’t HERE for making amends with the Atlanta bred rapper he once considered an idol…
“This n**** is fried,” Boat said of Soulja in a video posted around the same time he shared a footage of the Love And Hip Hop Hollywood star calling him to apologize for their beef. “I don’t want nothin’ to do with it. I’m not gonna say nothin.'”
No telling if things between the two Hip-Hop hot boys will ever truly go back to being peachy-keen or if Soulja Boy has now created a rift that can never be mended.
By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_          

Twitter: @Cheekywiki          


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