Soulja Boy threatens Nia Riley and Skrill-Dilly with a GUN via social media


“Aye, dude. F**k you, and f**k Nia Riley, n***a. Stop playing with me before some shooters be outside your house little n***a,” are just a few of the threatening words yall’s friend, Soulja Boy, had for his ex-girlfriend and hip-hop artist, Skrill-Dilly. 
This week, the 26-year-old “Crank That” spitter took his beef with his Love And Hip Hop Hollywood starring bae ANDDD his Louisiana bred rap rival to a new level of filth by recording a video of himself promising to do them both bodily damage and then posting the footage to social media. 


“I will kill your b***h a** n***a. Stop playing with me n***a,” a noticeably PISSSED of Soulja Boy warned Skrill-Dilly while waving a gun in front of the camera. 



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Apparently, war between the two emcees–who initially fell out back in 2014 over tea claiming Soulja was stealing beats–reignited when Skrill came to Nia Riley’s defense after the “Turn My Swag On” rhymer’s most recent public READ of her via Twitter. 

Though Nia and Skrill have yet to seriously CLAP BACK at Soulja Boy for his messy threats, they’ve both made it clear AF that they are NOT romantically involved…just two people who caught heat from Soulja. 


By : Asia Grace 

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_       

Twitter: @Cheekywiki 

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