Souljah boy COMES FOR K. Michelle’s smelly box.

Last night  Souljah TOOK TO TWITTER letting us know what K. Michelle’s private parts smell like.
He WENT SO HARD on her after she demanded that he “Giggle on these nuts,” during her interview on Power 105.1’s, “The Breakfast Club,”  last week.
Holder of the BADDEST BOOTY in the south BUSSED BACK at Souljah for giggling during an interview insinuating the two have had a sexual past.
Known to freely give out samples of her lower half, K. Michelle made it CLEAR if she did mess with Souljah she would have admitted it.
She RAN HIM DOWN to the Breakfast Club hosts calling him out and claiming he is f**king a tranny. Oop.
Souljah and K fought DIRTY on social media and we SAT BACK and watched this happen:

(Images courtesy of

We laughed. We Cried.


listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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