Spanky Hayes responds to Tyrese INSTAGRAM videos


Spanky Hayes CLICK CLACKS BACK  at  Tyrese and his friend Tank.

Spanky, dressed in a fur coat similar to that of Tyrese’s in his DISS videos, CAME FOR the R&B singer, today.
Mocking his gestures and using his hit song, “How you gonna act like that,” as his background music, Spanky calls Tyrese a “homo.” In his series of CLAP BACK videos he threatens Ty and Tank all the while using homophobic slurs.
After the Wild-N-Out comedian INSINUATED that star of, “Baby Boy,” was down to suck the D for movie roles, Tyrese SNAPPED on him via Instagram. For his part in all of this, singer Tank chimed in with a parody video clearly in support of Tyrese.
With Spanky SNAPPING back with these new vids, it’s safe to say THIS IS INSTAGRAM WAR!
Check out a clip of the videos on the CHEEKYWIKI Instagram: TheOfficialCheekywiki

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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