Star of Basketball Wives LA: SUED

Basketball SOON-TO-BE EX Wife, Gloria Govan, is being sued by Lou Rawls’ widow.
Nina Rawls is taking NBA superstar Matt Barnes’ estranged wife Gloria to court for COIN.
Glo is being accused of FORGING Matt’s signature to procure a $150k loan for Nina.
Rawls wanted to produce the show with Gloria and Matt’s production company. Why them of all people, we don’t know.
Nina claims the star of, “Basketball Wives LA,” agreed to loan her the money under the condition the DOUGH had to be repaid IN FULL two months after she received it.
Nina’s lawsuit claims she never saw a PENNY she was promised.
According to Mrs. Lou Rawls, Gloria admitted to her that she forged Matt’s signature on the loan documents.
WORD ON THE BLOCK is Matt may NOT even KNOW about the agreement between Nina and Gloria.
Nina is suing Gloria for full COIN.

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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