Steve Harvey to hire real-life “Olivia Pope” to handle Donald Trump scandal



Following the unprecedented pillaging of emotions that Steve Harvey endured after his bald head was repeatedly dunked in scalding hot social media stew for his ill-advised meeting with the nation’s peach-cobbler colored president, the dethroned King Of Comedy is said to be soliciting the help of the best scandal-adjuster that money can hire..
Just as actress Kerry Washington slays the role of White House crisis aversion master, Olivia Pope, on ABC’s Scandal… real life problem solver, Judy Smith, is reportedly in talks with the 60-year-old fallen Family Feud star about how to wipe the backlash dirt off of his tacky suit’s shoulder pads once and for all..


Steve Harvey
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According to the New York Daily News, Judy is “one of the best in the business,” when it comes to making image adjustments… and has been linked to scandals involving infamous White House intern Monica Lewinsky, disgraced TV host Paula Deen, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, former NFL star Michael Vick and tax cheat Wesley Snipes.


No telling if ol’ Judy girl can truly give Steve’s public perception a full 180 turn around… But here’s wishing you luck, sis.
This one might not be easy to get handled.
By : Asia Grace

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