Bartender denies Kodak Black assault on co-worker; rapper in trouble for burping 

If a Miami-based strip club worker wants any real shot at collecting some coin from Kodak Black– who she alleges punched and kicked her during his unauthorized visit to a boobie bar–she’d be wise to get her chatty patty co-workers on board as her fellow employee recently denied seeing the rapper doing anything wrong…


On Friday, the 19-year-old “Skrt Skrt” spitter attended yet another court hearing to determine whether or not he should be ordered to serve eight years in the slammer for allegedly violating the terms of his probation by failing to complete his mandatory anger management courses and attending an Adrien Broner boxing match in Ohio as well as going to Miami’s Club Climaxx back in February.

Jennifer Cunningham, the bartender who claims Kodak physically assault her after she asked him to step off of a freezer she uses to serve drinks, wrapped her testimony–during which she reportedly maintained her account of the alleged beat down…
“Basically, I was a victim and assaulted by a gentleman that had no right to put his hands on me,” she said after revealing her plans to file a civil suit against the troubled Hip-Hop rookie. “And I don’t tolerate that.”
In stark contrast to Jennifer’s story, her behind-the-bar peer, Tonya Durham, swore under oath that she was NOT being truthful when it came to her supposed run-in with the “Tunnel Vision” rhymer, according to the Sun Sentinel.

“She said, ‘You probably didn’t see it, but he mushed my face,’” Tonya declared, recalling a conversation with Jennifer the morning after the encounter. “I said ‘no, he didn’t.’ None of that happened.”
Tonya also made it clear that she was NOT being paid to testify by Kodak or anyone representing him.

Kodak Black court hearing
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Elsewhere in the hearing, the Florida native’s anger management counselor, Ramona Sanchez, told the judge that  Kodak was forcibly removed from a court-ordered group session earlier this year due to his incessant burping.
She claims she asked Kodak to leave the room and when he refused, she threatened to call the cops… To which the “No Flockin” rapper allegedly responded by grabbing her phone and her wrist.

Lawyers for the young emcee challenged Ramona’s testimony by suggesting Kodak may suffer from a condition that causes uncontrollable burping…. And noting that he could have undergone an individual therapy session with Ramona, but was removed from the program by a supervisor, which was totally out of his control.

The hearing is scheduled to continue, and possibly conclude, on Wednesday.

By : Asia Grace

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