Suits and Cases: Young Jeezy hemmed up in wrongful death lawsuit


Hip-Hop’s beloved Snow Man, Young Jeezy, is getting legally torched by the family of a slain concert promoter who they believe may have died at the rapper’s hands…

A newly filed lawsuit, fired off by the kids of Jeezy’s alleged victim, fingers the 39-year-old “Kill Jill” spitter as the suspected shooter responsible for the 2014 death of their father, Eric Johnson. 

According to the family’s paperwork, obtained by TMZ, an eyewitness present when Eric was shot 5 times times backstage at Jeezy and Wiz Khalifa’s concert in Mountain View, CA. claim the Mountain View Police Department was told that the gunman looked like Jeezy following the fatal shooting– a testimony that was repeated by a witness during a deposition, two years later..


Young jeezy murder
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Eric’s clan reportedly goes on to maintain that the same witness picked the Thug Motivation mastermind out of a photo lineup as the shooter… While another onlooker’s description of the killer helped a police sketch artist draw an image of someone who looked “eerily similar to the way Young Jeezy looked” the night of the shooting.
The family–allegedly having never been told who police highlighted as their prime suspect OR why Jizzle was never charged–is suing for funeral expenses and other damages.

At this point, neither Jeezy nor his legal reps have commented on this murder mess..


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