T.I. and Floyd Mayweather MAKE UP after year long BEEF 

Following boxing champ Floyd Mayweather’s weekend victory in Vegas, his arch nemesis, rapper T.I., took to Instagram to congratulate him on defeating Manny Pacquiao.

Though the highly anticipated matchup between Mayweather and Pacquiao may have been DRY to say the least, things got JUICY on social media when the 34-year-old “King Of the South,” rhymer waved the white flag of peace at Floyd after their year long BEEF.
Under a picture of the welterweight title boxer planting one on his opponent, T.I. wrote, “Congrats to Cuzz on another W… Preparation+Opportunity = Victory however u slice it #NeverBeenAHater.”

In response to the “You Don’t Know Me,” emcee’s acknowledgements Mayweather said, “Thanks for the support! Keep up the good work.”



In 2014, the two tiny giants in their respective fields got into a PHYSICAL altercation which ultimately led to T.I.’s viral “Where They At Doe,” video. 
It’s nice to see they’ve digitally kissed and made up, No?

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