T.I. offers Nelly support amid rape allegations; prosecutors moving forward w/case

It’s nice to have friends in high places.

And for Nelly, the big homie T.I. is coming through with some much needed support amidst controversy the “Shake Ya Tailfeather” rhymer sexually assaulted a woman on his tour bus.

In the days since the 42-year-old St. Louis native’s alleged rape victim announced, via her legal representation, her refusal to testify in criminal proceedings against him, the “Country Grammar” musician made his first appearance—since his October 7th arrest—alongside TIP, where the King of The South lent the troubled emcee some kind words of encouragement.

“Put that bullsh** behind you,” the Atlanta rapper publicly advised while sharing a South Florida stage with Nelly.

“Get back to business…F*** what a hater got to say,” he added, ahead of the DJ blasting “Hot In Herre” through the club’s speakers.

TIP’s word came just days before prosecutors against Nelly reportedly revealed plans to move forward with his case, despite the complainant’s unwillingness to participate in legal proceedings.

Law enforcement sources in Washington State tell TMZ police in Auburn are undeterred by the accuser’s noncooperation with the investigation. The Auburn PD is still gathering evidence and plans to present the case to the prosecutor’s office, within the next week.

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Shorty following Nelly’s arrest, T.I. took to Instagram with an open-ended warning to women about issuing false charges against Hip-Hop heavyweights.

“After Mike Tyson…after muthaf**kin’ Tupac…after all the other muthaf**kaz who done been with girls and the girls got mad for whatever reason and left off and said that they raped them or whatnot…what the f*** ever happened when a muthaf**ka find out that the b***h was lying my ni**a? What consequences is there for this young lady?,” the “Us Or Else” spitter said.

“If more than twelve find us guilty, we got to answer to that. But, if we find out that this wasn’t true, what the f*** happen to her? I’m sick of this sh**, know what I mean? I’m just saying—we ain’t no muthaf**kin’ targets. Get your sh** together,” he added.


By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_

Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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