Taylor Swift threatened Kanye West over “Famous” phone call recording


Though Taylor Swift’s reputation is currently circulating a porta-potty toilet bowl after Kim Kardashian digitally exposed her for lying about approving Kanye West’s “Famous,” lyrics… Months before the voluptuous selfie-queen put Tay-Tay on blast, the pop singer and her legal team fired off a threatening letter to Yeezy demanding he DELETE the recordings of their phone conversation or face legal action.


On the controversial track in question–featured on Ye’s chart topping The Life of Pablo album which continues to collect more sales this year— the 39-year-old Chi-Town representative rhymes “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/I made that b**ch famous.”

taylor swift kanye west phone call

After the song’s release, Calvin Harris’ blonde headed ex-girlfriend assumed the role of victim and claimed she had no clue the rapper planned to reference her as “that b***h” in his music.


While Kim K’s SnapChat story of her Hip-Hop hubby receiving a thumbs up from the 26-year-old “Blank Space” crooner counties to rock the realm, a five month old attorney-issued letter to Kanye has surfaced in which Taylor’s people note that he could face felony charges for recording and/or disseminating their phone call based on California state law.

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According to the document, obtained by TMZ, anyone who secretly records a telephone conversation with someone in the Golden State is committing a criminal offense … and it’s a felony.
The letter reads … “Demand is hereby made that you immediately destroy all such recordings, provide us of assurance that this has been done, and also assurance that these recordings have not been previously disseminated.”

Taylor has the right to file a lawsuit against Kim and Kanye for violating the law.

So far, Kanye has remained tight-lipped on his spouse’s supportive (yet hilariously messy) social media antics..



By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_  


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