The Gag Is Up: Trey Songz to Keke Palmer’s music video shade : “F*** outta here” [VIDEO]


“Ain’t nobody put her on camera without asking,” Trey Songz confirmed while chopping it up with The Breakfast Club about his bizarre music video beef with Hollywood honey, KeKe Palmer.

On Friday, the 32-year-old “Slow Motion,” singer slid through to Power 105.1’s morning show to set the record straight on what caused the Scream Queens actress to digitally draggggg him by his budding afro for supposedly attempting to “sexuality intimidate” her into participating in a video shoot during a house party..
“There’s a sign on the door. There’s a video being shot. You step on these premises, you will be recorded. Point, blank, period. I don’t have to say nothing else about nothing,” Trigga served in his own defense against Keke’s allegations he and his friends forced her to hide in a closet in order to dodge being caught on camera.


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Trey– who claims to have enjoyed a “friendship” with the “I Don’t Belong To You,” singer since she signed to Atlantic Records back in 2005– went on to call Keke’s efforts to publicly defame him “wack,” but laughed off her alleged suggestions that he was gay…
When asked if he and the big/small screen gem privately made up–as per what she’s said in the media– the “Neighbors Know My Name,” crooner immediately spat, “That’s a lie too, I ain’t talk to her. I ain’t talk to Keke y’all. I ain’t called Keke. I ain’t tried to call to Keke, none of that. I did not put her in the video without her permission either.”
The Virginia native– who was recently arrested for fulfilling his promise to tear up the stage when his music was cut off a few minutes early during a concert in Detroit– added, “Its not my video. It’s not a song that’s on any album. It’s somebody else’s song. It’s a video we shot in passing at a party.

“Like I don’t care that much to sneak Keke Palmer in the video for two seconds, who the f*** does that? Ima sneak you in the video Keke? No, I’m not. F*** out of here,” he angrily ended.

Elsewhere in his interview, Trey spilled on his faux VH1 reality TV show and the negative/positive responses he’s received, his thoughts on the political climate, and more..



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