The Game and Young Thug go toe to toe in INSTAGRAM WAR [VIDEO]



The Game and Young Thug CAME FOR each other’s NECKS after the “How We Do,” rapper announced he would “F***,” Thugger up for BEEFIN with his homeboy, Lil Wayne. 

Last night, the 35-year-old Compton lyricist took the opportunity to AIR OUT all his grievances against the 22-year-old “Danny Glover,” crooner while performing at a New Orleans nightclub.
Game yelled out “I will f*** Young Thug up on Piru,” after professing his undying allegiance to Lil Wayne who recently took issue with Thugger for threatening to name his mixtape “The Carter 6.”
Once the video of the “Hate It Or Love It,” rapper’s SLANDER towards Young Thug went viral, the “Life Style,” rhymer CLAPPED BACK at The Game with SHADE for talking greasy.
“See you used to be a Crip and now you a Blood,” Thug began. “So I don’t want no smoke with you, you got Bloods and Crips on your team. And You used to be a male stripper once before, so I don’t want to fight you I don’t want no germs from you p**** n****. And you know I’m in LA more than Arnold Schwarzenegger and he’s the governor f*** n***,” Thugger continued while his homie flashed a large gun in the background of the video.
Almost immediately after the “Ain’t About the Money,” spitter posted the CLAP BACK on Instagram, The Game released more slanderous fire against his new rival for his suspect behavior.
“I just seen your video you little ho a** n***. You paint your nails like a f***** girl, you call your n****s bae, and you a ho a** n*****. Keep f***** around and n*****s gon drive by that nail salon and light that mother f***** up,” Game shot at Young Thug.
Following The Game’s vidoe, messy Ethnic Instagram goons slid in Young Thug’s comments with the “nail polish” emoji teasing him for getting manicures.
Though it seems the two rap GAWDS have ceased fire for the moment, we’re sure this war is FAR from over.

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