The Game EXPOSED on Instagram by his brother Big Fase 100


“A birthday wish for your nephew is too much to ask I guess. F- me…but the kids? Just a call from his famous uncle would have made his lil day so much more special. Stop being The Game for a sec on and be Uncle J. Cold world of ours this is.”
That’s the MADDER message the rapper, The Game’s brother, Big Fase 100 sent him via INSTAGRAM!


When The Game NEGLECTED to reach out to Big Fase’s son to wish him a happy birthday, HE SNAPPED! Fase insinuated that the “Hate it or Love it,” rapper is TOO CAUGHT UP in being famous to reach out to THE FAM.
Fans of both rappers were AGHAST by Fase’s claims and wondered WHY he chose to TAKE TO IG and put his brother on FULL BLAST.


“Other means of communication are exhausted. You might have a direct line before I would. You don’t know my pain. You are on the outside taking a momentary glimpse,” SPILLED Fase.
Big Fase 100 a NOT SO WELL KNOWN Cali rapper has the same father as The Game but instead of brotherly love the two WESTSIDE G’s have been AT WAR since 2005.


Big Fase 100 has always BUMPED HIS GUMS publicly about his NEGATIVE feelings towards his brother. He claims that The Game “left him behind,” once he MADE IT BIG.
The UNBOTHERED Game MAKES IT CLEAR he really DGAF how his brother feels because his FAMILY did NOT visit him in the hospital when he sustain several injuries after being SHOT in ’01.


This far The Game has NOT responded to Big Fase 100’s IG post.

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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