The Game’s alleged sexual assault victim in danger of getting $10 MILLION lawsuit DISMISSED


It looks like a judge is NOT here for The Game’s alleged sexual assault victim and her supposed inability to serve the rapper legal papers because she can find him…




Back in August, Priscilla Rainey–a contestant on the VH1 reality series “She Got Game”–filed a $10 MILLION lawsuit against the 35-year-old “One Blood” spitter for allegedly rubbing her vagina and butt during the show’s filming. 

 The Game's alleged sexual assault victim in danger of getting $10 MILLION lawsuit DISMISSED 

In her lawsuit, homegirl says she suffered physical, psychological and emotional damages due to the rapper’s actions.

Since filing against the Compton lyricist, Priscilla has reportedly said that she and her lawyers have been unable to formally serve Game with the legal docs in the last three months because he’s dodging her by keeping his whereabouts a secret.

On November 5, a judge DRAGGED the Hip-Hop honcho’s alleged victim for filth saying that even though Game travels a lot due to his career, his professional whereabouts are announced on his social media accounts, according to Bossip. 

He furthered expressed his upset with Priscilla stating that any half witted process server should be able to find Game if they tried. 


The judge went on to say that if Priscilla failed get the legal docs to the West Coast representative’s ASAP, she’ll be forced to reappear in court with the potential of having her $10 MILLION case dismissed. 


As for The Game, he’s previously stated that he is NOT here or there for running Priscilla a DIME and says her claims of sexual assault are merely those of a bitter THOTTIE that he didn’t want to date. 



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