This Is How He Do: The Game wants Viacom to pay $7.1 million to sexual assault accuser

Pass The Buck is evidently the name of the game that rapper, The Game, is playing when it comes to the big bucks he was ordered to pay his sexual assault accuser, Priscilla Rainey, as the West Coast honcho is said to be pressing Viacom to line shorty’s pocket.

Back in November, a judge ruled the 36-year-old “One Blood” rhymer be held financially responsible for the emotional, physical, and psychological damage he invited on the She Got Game reality show contestant when he allegedly grouped her private parts during the filming of the VH1 series.

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With the $7.1 million court-ordered payout to Priscilla weighing heavily on his neck, Game is reportedly trying to make Viacom–VH1’s parent company– cough up the coin to ol’ girl on the grounds that the network hired her for his show despite the fact that she came with a sordid criminal past and a doctor’s note suggesting she wasn’t emotionally stable enough to work in high stress environments.


In legal documents, obtained by TMZ, the “Hate It Or Love It,” emcee claims a medical professional working on SGG production cited Priscilla’s long rap sheet — which includes multiple felony arrests for aggravated battery–saying, “In moments of jealousy, [Priscilla’s] normal composure dissolves, leaving her to acting out of control.”
Furthering his stance on the matter, Game reportedly goes on to shade Viacom for fading the doctor’s concerns and hiring homegirl for ratings…

Not only does the rapper want the network to pay the $7.1 million to Priscilla, but he’s also said to be gunning for the television honchos to shell out another $13 mill to him in damages.
So far, none of the parties involved in the case have made any public statements about Game’s new requests…
By : Asia Grace

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