Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul threatens drive-by shooting over concert sound issues [VID]



Three 6 Mafia frontman, DJ Paul, threatened to pull out his gun and 86 some messy-handed sound techs during his performance at Memphis’ 901Fest, over the weekend.
Thanks to a series of unforeseen audio issues, M-town’s 42-year-old “Stay Fly” spitting son evidently lost all his cool as he promised to destructively wreak havoc on his hood if the powers that be behind bumping his music through the concert venue’s speakers didn’t get it together..
“They know who the king is, so they gonna pull bullsh** like this. They don’t want the music to be loud because they want it to be bullsh** to y’all,” a pissed off Paul said to his audience of Hip-Hop enthusiasts.
DJ Paul drive by
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Uping his obvious anger to an unexpected level, the Oscar Award winning artist then said, “Ima ride pass some mother f***er’s houses and Ima shoot some mother f****er’s houses up tonight. That’s what the f*** Ima do, b**** a** n****a.”
After encouraging the concertgoers to join him in a SO NASTY SO RUDE chant against the sound guy responsible for the issues, DJ Paul was went into the crowd hunting for the guilty party, according to eyewitness accounts told to TMZ.

The “Poppin My Collar” crooner’s sever verbal attacked against sound people ultimately led to the lyricist’s mic being cut and the venue’s power getting shut off, all together…

By : Asia Grace

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