Throw Them Bows: RHOA’s Matt Jordan and Peter Thomas reportedly fight at NC radio station



Real Housewives Of Atlanta‘s leading men are giving the fist-throwing women of The Bad Girls Club a run for their money as reports claim RHOA’s Peter Thomas and Matt Jordan got into a messy physical altercation at a North Carolina radio station on Wednesday.
All week, Keyna Moore’s 28-year-old ex-boyfriend and Cynthia Bailey’s gray-bearded ex-bae have been exchanging sloppy slings spurred by Matt’s claims that Peter, and Kandi Burruss’ husband, Todd Tucker, gassed him to demand $10,000 from his Miss U.S.A. winning honey for his participation in the Real Housewives reunion special (which was filmed Thursday, March 16)– claims both men refuted.


Matt–whose out-of-pocket temper took its toll on his and Kenya’s romantic relationship throughout season 9 of the Bravo series– was said to been soooooo pissed Todd and Peter denied coaching him on coming for Kenya’s coins… That he reportedly decided to take matters into his own hot-headed hands..


Sources connected to the Atlanta based crew spill to FreddyOArt claiming the young physical fitness trainer felt the over 50-year-old Jamaican born lounge owner was “talking sh**” and needed to be confronted in a “man on man” like matter…

Matt Jordan Peter Thomas

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Apparently, when Matt rolled up on Peter at a radio station, a quarrel ensued leaving one of the men choked out and on the floor…
Police were said to have immediately arrived on the scene in response to the supposed brawl…
Following the alleged incident, Peter reportedly swore that he is prepared to press charges against Kenya’s former sweetheart for the nonsense.
As for video of the knuckle up, insiders claim Matt refused to sign a waiver from the radio station releasing the footage..
No telling what’s next to come down the pipes from the RHOA squad… but the reunion is set to air in the coming weeks..
By : Asia Grace

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