Throwing Bows: Chris Brown and Migos nearly brawl during BET Awards after-party [VIDEO]


Bad blood damn near caused a brawl to erupt between “Bad And Boujee” rappers, Migos, and celebrated R&B bad boy, Chris Brown, at a BET Awards after-party, on Sunday evening.
Knucking and bucking was apparently the soup of the night for Quavo, TakeOff, and Offset as the rap trio was said to have engaged in a minor altercation with Karreuche Trans’s 28-year-old “Party” singing ex-boo during a post-awards show event held in a venue near the Microsoft Theater in downtown L.A…

According to reports, Migos strolled into the jammy jam just seconds after Chris Breezy–who was recently order to stay TF away from Karrueche (who’s now said to be romantically involved with Quavo) for the next five years– wrapped premiering his new music video with Future.


Migos Chris Brown
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Slippery lipped sources tell TMZ, a member of CB’s squad pushed Quavo, and then one of the Migos guys jumped in  … but then he got punched.

Breezy, who boasts a criminal rap sheet longer than Nicki Minaj’s “Prague” wig, reportedly walked away from the tussle and headed for his car… But the “Get Right Witcha” spitters and their gully goonies were said to have followed close behind him…


Ultimately, Chris was able to dip off from the scene without anyone getting touched…



No strangers to trouble, earlier in the evening, Migos nearly put hands on rapper/ Complex correspondent, Joe Budden, for exhibiting some less than friendly behavior towards them during a red carpet pre-BET Awards interview.



Later, Joe took to Twitter revealing that he stormed out of the interview because the “Versace” rhymers were a little “too sassy” for his liking..


By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_           

Twitter: @Cheekywiki              

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